Plagiarism Policy

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XYNA's Plagiarism Policy

Xyna International School requires academic honest from all students. This requires students to always submit original work and to give credit to all research sources correctly and consistently. Detailed information on plagiarism and how to avoid it may be obtained from your teacher.

Definition of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is an act of theft known by many names: cheating, borrowing, stealing or copying. Plagiarism is intentionally or unintentionally using another person’s words or ideas and presenting these as one’s own. It includes submitting an essay written by another student, allowing a student to submit your work, obtaining one from the many services provided on the Internet or copying sections from various documents and not acknowledging the original source. It is a serious offence that may result in significant academic consequences.

  • The teacher and student will meet to discuss the teacher’s concerns. The principal may be involved.
  • If the plagiarism is found to be intentional, the academic penalty will be a mark of zero and a record of this will be kept in the principal’s office.
  • If the plagiarism is found to be unintentional, the student will be given the opportunity to rewrite the paper by an agreed upon date.
Appeal Process

A student may appeal a decision made by the teacher within five school days of the student/teacher meeting. The appeal must be made in writing to a member of the school administration and must outline the reasons supporting the appeal. Three staff members appointed by the principal will hear the appeal. The decision of the committee will be final.