Late Assignment Policy

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Late Assignment Policy

XYNA's Late Assignment Policy

It is the expectation, of all students enrolled in Xyna International School, that all assignments shall be submitted by the designated due date, at the start of class. Assignments are designed to reflect the curriculum expectations and, as such, are crucial to the assessment of the students’ achievement. Teachers will strictly enforce this policy and their establishment of a due date is final.

Should students not submit an assignment by the due date, the following will apply:

  • The assignment may be submitted, but must be accompanied by a clearly written reason for the assignment being late.
  • The assignment must be submitted before any of the assignments have been returned to the class by the teacher.

If these two conditions are met, the assignment will be accepted at face value. Should students not fulfill the conditions; a mark of zero will be given since there is no evidence of achievement with respect to the curriculum expectations evaluated on that assignment. Note that the assignment may be returned at any time, since some assignments must be returned next day as apart of the lesson/learning activity. If a student is working with a partner(s) and the assignment is turned in late, all members of the group will bear the consequences set by the teacher.