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Middle School

Middle School - Grade 6, 7, 8

Xyna International Girls’ school has an excellent middle school program for both local and international students in Grades 6, 7 and 8. Middle school is an important time in a student’s life as it prepares them for high school and each student is able to enhance her strengths and improve her weaknesses.

Our middle school program is a great choice for any student who is looking to jumpstart their future and prepare themselves for excellence. When it comes to the middle school curriculum, we strive to provide a challenging series of courses that will work for each student and encourage them to do their best.

Our safe learning environment allows students to express their creative side while learning social skills and learning more about who they want to become. Our educators are specially trained to work with younger students and aid them through these development and monumental years.

We offer subjects like Science and technology, English, Math, French, Physical Education, Geography, History, Computer and Information Technology, Visual Arts including Music, Drama, Arts and Dance that all our middle school students will take.

In addition to our comprehensive Ontario curriculum, we offer a structured schedule that is designed to train students and help them succeed. The daily class schedule is very well structured with time slot set aside for additional co-curricular activities. Our educators and teachers work with the students to ensure that each student is understands each subject. If any student needs additional help, our educators are always ready to help out.

Xyna International Girls’ School accepts new students only once a year in September. The seats in each classroom is very limited due to low teacher student ratio (1:12) and are filled on First come first serve basis. If you miss the deadlines for enrolment, please call our admissions office to enquire if there is any seat available and to discuss your options.