Xyna XYNA International High School Vol 2 Issue 1 2016 - Newsletter

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XYNA International High School Vol 2 Issue 1 2016 - Newsletter

Xyna Newsletter

Newsletter brought to you by XYNA International High School Vol 2   Issue 1


Nov 11, 2015
Remembrance Day
On Remembrance Day members of the armed forces (soldiers, sailors and airmen) are commemorated. Students of Xyna observed 2 minutes of silence to in honour of fallen at 11 am on 11 November. Teachers introduced students to the importance of remembrance and its relevance in today's society and there was discussion about how Veterans' achievements and sacrifices in times of war, military conflict and peace have helped to shape and sustain our modern country.


Nov 12, 2015
Brock University: Interactive session
A free interactive session in collaboration with Brock University was organised by Xyna. Large number of parents and students attended this session. Audience had an opportunity to meet and discuss their individual queries and questions directly with the Mr. Colin Ryrie, representative from the University.
Nov 13, 2015
Field Trip: Visit to Wilfrid Laurier University
A field trip was organised to Wilfred Laurier University with a purpose that students experience a University first hand. Xyna collaborated with Wilfrid and students were given a detailed tour of the University, its labs, class rooms and other facilities. An interactive session with students of Wilfred was organised too. This type of field trip was highly appreciated by students and parents.


Nov 16, 2015
Lakehead University: Conference
Xyna International organised a free conference with Rep from Lake Head University. This was a well-attended event by parents and students. Representative from University had took time to do one- on- one conferences with attendees and they answered their questions and queries.
Nov 17, 2015
Ryerson University: Consultation Meeting
On very popular demand, Xyna International had organised a free consultation meeting with representative of Ryerson University. It was a busy evening where parents and students came in to discuss about their specific questions with representative from University.


Dec 4, 2015
Learning Beyond Classroom: Visit to Ontario Science Centre
Students were taken to Ontario Science center for a full day visit. An iconic cultural attraction, the Ontario Science Centre is home to interactive experiences with science and technology. This was an initiative taken by Xyna to teach students beyond the classroom.
Dec 14- 17, 2015
Holiday Food Drive
Everyone at Xyna International High school participated in Holiday Food Drive to contribute their share towards the community. Students and parents generously donated packed food items. Students were successful in collecting three large cartons of non-perishable food items. These cartons were handed over to the representative from Food Bank: KNIGHTS TABLE


Dec 18, 2015
Debate Competition
Xyna International High school strongly believes that debate plays an important role in development of students’ personalities. It helps in developing critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork abilities in students. Keeping this in mind a debate competition was organized on a very relevant topic related to youth. It was a very exciting and fun filled day for everyone. Winners were awarded with certificate.
Dec 23, 2015
Christmas party
A Christmas party was organised before students went for Christmas break. Students and teachers came dressed up in red color attire for the party. The mood of the day was joyous and festive.


Jan 15, 2016
Talk on importance of Community hours
Students, staff and faculties gathered for a talk on “Importance of Community Hours”. Ms. Mahumada Shirin, Youth settlement officer from Costi Immigration came to deliver the talk. She conversed with students about community services. Students were informed that these hrs are not only important for graduation but has great significance in their university portfolio. It was a well-attended event.
Jan 22, 2016
Learning Beyond Classroom: Visit to Brampton Court
Visiting a courtroom is a great way for students to learn how the judicial system works. This visit provided an opportunity to LEARNING BEYOND CLASSROOM. Students had witnessed a live court session and had also saw the close collaboration and teamwork involved in the court's service to the community. Students also had an opportunity to meet the Judge too.


Jan 30, 2016
Open House and Inauguration of Science and Computer lab
Hands-on laboratory science experiences are critical to the learning process across all areas of study. Research has shown that students who engage in well-designed laboratory experiences develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, as well as gain exposure to reactions, materials, and equipment in a lab setting. On Jan 30th, Xyna had inaugurated it Science and computer laboratory. It was also a day when school was open for public through an Open House.