Xyna 8 Reasons For Your Child To Attend XYNA International High School

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8 Reasons For Your Child To Attend XYNA International High School

1. SIZE MATTERS: You Can’t deny the benefits of a low teacher to student ratio for greater academic attention. In Intimate class setting of 1:15 student’s voices and views are heard and student will be more likely to ask for help if they do not understand specific material. It’s also difficult to “slip through the cracks” in small classes, as students might in overcrowded public school classrooms.
2. LESS CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT MEANS MORE ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: When overseeing a large class, a teacher uses a fair amount of time just policing students & keeping control of the room. In smaller classrooms, there tends to be greater harmony, which creates a safe environment for learning. In smaller groups educators can better assess the students’ needs for information retention, thus teaching more effectively.
3. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Xyna prepares students with a greater focus on university and college preparation. Our teaching methodology emphasises on building strong foundation and the students results in performing better than public school mates.
4. PERSONAL GROWTH & MATURITY: In positive academic environment where students receive greater attention, encouragement and support, the potential for personal growth and maturity increases. Academic success builds self-esteem and confidence, which goes hand in hand with personal development.
5. SUPERLATIVE TEACHERS: In Xyna all teachers are OCT licensed and highly experienced. They are specialized in their subjects and all have masters degree and above. Students benefit from their wealth and knowledge and passion for education.
6. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Studies show that extracurricular activities keeps students active and their personality also develops. In Xyna students are involved in extracurricular activities for overall development.
7. SAFE ENVIRONMENT: With smaller classes and student bodies, educators and administrators are more vigilant at preventing or recognizing negative behavior. Every parent wants his or her child to learn and thrive in a safe environment, smaller class sizes and low teacher to student ratios.
8. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT: Xyna welcome and encourage parental participation, which is a key element for overall academic success with children. Xyna views parents as partners in the educational development of their offspring’s.